We are specialists in character development, providing training and resources that aim to nurture confident and active citizens who will benefit society through social responsibility.

What We Do

Empowering Individuals to Build Better Communities

Our educational resources, training and community initiatives empower educators, parents and learners to benefit their communities.

Who We Serve

Developed for Teachers & Parents, Tailored to Young People

Our educational resources are developed for teachers and parents, designed specifically to benefit learners in Britain aged 7-16 yrs.

How We Deliver

Training & Empowering Educators to Develop their Capacity to Lead & Deliver

The Knowledge to Action initiative equips educators (teachers and parents) with materials and training to deliver the development of good character and life skills to learners in an enjoyable and practical way.

10 +
Years of experience in character development education
175 +
Institutes have successfully implemented Knowledge to Action resources
28,000 +
Learners enriched through Knowledge to Action resources and campaigns
1,100 +
Teachers trained to deliver Knowledge to Action resources
350 +
Community initiatives delivered in over 40 communities
90 +
Articles featured in the local and national media

What people say

A Relevant and Practical Approach to Education

A carefully-planned, well-structured and engaging programme which utilises modern teaching and learning methods to offer young children a relevant and practical approach to understanding Islam and how to be useful citizens in society.

Abdur Rahman Parent WISE, High Wycombe

Bringing Learning to Life

I love how Knowledge to Action encourages us to be proactive and involved and teaches us that knowledge is of no use unless you implement it. I was amazed by how much you build your organisation around our views and ideas.

Haneen Zeglam Student Manchester Islamic Girls’ High School

The Curriculum that Lives Up to Its Name

The curriculum has been an eye opener not only for the students, but also for me as a teacher. It lives up to its name, Knowledge to Action. The students are taught to be proactive in their communities through the organised campaigns, using the knowledge that they have learnt in the classroom setting.

Arif Abdurrahmaan Citizenship Teacher London Islamic School