Ilm2Amal: a character development initiative for Muslim learners in Britain.

Our Story

Ilm2Amal: What’s in a Name?

Learning is most beneficial when knowledge meets action. Ilm2Amal epitomises our ethos – for education to become a virtuous circle of learning and practise, bringing with it change and development for the benefit of individuals and communities.

In Arabic, knowledge and action translate into Ilm and Amal, which provides a fitting name for our initiative.

Changing the Educational Landscape.

Since 2009, Knowledge to Action has produced a suite of character development educational resources, teacher training programmes and community initiatives that have been implemented by a nationwide network of  schools across diverse communities.

By pioneering values-based education, Knowledge to Action has helped shift the paradigm in educational institutes, contributing to the delivery of a curriculum that is contextualised and relevant to the lives of young people in Britain.

Character Development: An Inside Out Approach.

To us, character development means translating good character into social responsibility and ethical dealings that benefits communities. This is what we refer to as an ‘inside out’ approach.

What We Do

Specialise in Character and Human Development.

We specialise in the research and development of educational resources, training and community initiatives that promote character and human development.

Our Character & Life Skills Development Framework focuses on the moral, spiritual, physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional and social development of learners in Britain.

Nurture Responsible Leaders.

Ilm2Amal inspires learners to become well-rounded in their world-view, confident in their identity, active in their communities and ethical in their dealings.

The resources and training we provide enable educators to nurture qualities, values and leadership skills in learners to give them a sense of purpose and responsibility.

Encourage Practical Learning through Community Initiatives.

Our approach of learning through practical application is core to our philosophy and is the inspiration behind our name.

Allowing learners to enhance life skills and self-confidence, ensures that experiential learning is for the benefit of others through social responsibility initiatives in the community.

Who We Serve

Muslim Faith Schools and Supplementary Schools.

We provide bespoke resources developed by leading strategists, educationalists, scholars and creative professionals.

Our character development curriculum spans from KS2-KS4, supported by training programmes that help teachers build their own confidence and bring learning to life in the classroom.

Parents at Home.

Our resources allow parents to deliver character development education in a structured way at home and invite parents to actively participate in their child’s community challenges.  

Our training programmes help parents take a lead in nurturing the character of their children and equip parents with an understanding of teaching techniques.

Learners in Britain.

We place learners at the heart of our continuous research and development so our services are tailored to their needs – age appropriate, relevant and contextualised to the lives of  learners in Britain.

Our suite of educational resources has been designed for learners aged 7-16.

How We Deliver

Providing Quality Resources.

Developed by educators for educators, our resources are designed to make the delivery of character education an enjoyable and transformative process. They promote universal values and ethics and encourage open dialogue and discussion.

Our curriculum is integrated with the core requirements of the National Curriculum, Ofsted inspection framework and Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education.

Empowering Educators.

Teachers delivering the Ilm2Amal curriculum can benefit from our regional training and coaching programmes which teach practical ways of developing the character of children at home and in the community.

Through our advisory service, we support senior leaders seeking to embed a whole school approach to character development education within their institutes.

Building Cohesive Communities.

Character development is the key to overcoming socio-economic challenges and building bridges between diverse communities. To make a difference locally, we believe that learners need to be coached and mentored into becoming the leaders and architects of a better future.

Knowledge to Action works in partnership with national charities such as The Salvation Army, Age UK and the RSPCA to provide community-based social responsibility opportunities for learners.

Wider Benefits

Inspiring a Sense of Purpose and Responsibility.

Through the Ilm2Amal inspired opportunities to engage in civic life, students learn about care, compassion and the rights of humans, animals and the environment.

This sense of purpose helps them understand their role as responsible leaders within their communities, growing into well-rounded, confident, active and ethical individuals who love, live and share their faith with others.

Accessible Character Development Education.

We believe that educational initiatives focusing on the moral, spiritual, physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional and social development of learners are the right of every child globally.

Learners at home benefit from a set of resources which position character development at their heart and transform the dynamics of home education and parenting.

Demonstrating the Impact to the Nation’s Wellbeing.

By raising levels of confidence and aspiration, Ilm2Amal helps learners from diverse social and economic backgrounds succeed academically and professionally, improving social mobility across the UK.

Through the Ilm2Amal initiative, we facilitate social responsibility activities that nurture good citizenship, civic responsibility, shape future role models and connect different communities, improving social cohesion nationwide.

Where to Start?

An Implementation Plan that is Tailored to Your Needs.

Whether you are a school or supplementary school or a parent at home, our implementation plan can be scaled according to your needs.

Our sales support team are at hand to guide you through choosing the services that fit you best.

Building Lasting Relationships through a Range of Services.

Reaping the fruits from education can take time, so Knowledge to Action provides capability that goes beyond a one-time transaction.

Through our range of services, we build a lasting relationship that extends through the course of an educator’s journey in developing young learners.

Steps to Delivering Character Development.



Becoming a partner gives you access to a range of services, including consultancy support and advanced training that will transform your delivery of character development education.

Our Support Team can be contacted by phone or email and are happy to guide you through every step of the application process.

Get in touch today to join a nationwide network of institutes implementing the Ilm2Amal initiative.

What people say

Teaching Students about their Moral Duty

In the enrichment programme, Ilm2Amal, students learn that it is their moral duty to help others and be truthful. As one student said, ‘We like to look after each other’. They understand right from wrong and are taught to obey the law of the land.

Ofsted Afifah School Inspection Report March 2015

Building Bridges of Respect and Unity

Working with Knowledge to Action has given CleanupUK the opportunity to work with schools to support and develop understanding of littering and the effects of littering on local communities and the environment as a whole. 

The opportunity to lead by example to both their immediate peers and also the wider community supports the core belief that being proud of who you are and doing something positive to show you value where you live and the community as a whole, will lead to building bridges of respect and unity.

Neeta Kanagaratnam Project Coordinator Beautiful Boroughs Project, CleanupUK

The Curriculum that Lives Up to Its Name

The curriculum has been an eye opener not only for the students, but also for me as a teacher. It lives up to its name, Ilm2Amal. The students are taught to be proactive in their communities through the organised campaigns, using the knowledge that they have learnt in the classroom setting.

Arif Abdurrahmaan Citizenship Teacher London Islamic School