Azhar Academy Girls School

Bringing the Ilm2Amal initiative to Life in Our School

Ilm2Amal is a Must for Every School

Ilm2Amal is a well-established educational initiative, comprising teaching resources, training and community initiatives focusing on character development and community social responsibility, all of which are achieved through experiential learning. The child-centred curriculum and community initiatives will give you some of the best resources available to encourage students to fulfill rights and responsibilites.

The Challenge We Faced as a Muslim Faith School

Before choosing to take on the Ilm2Amal initiative, we were facing a lack of options that were available to us to meet our SMSC provisions in a manner that would contextualise our values and take into account the cultural nuances and Islamic nurturing we required for our students.

Finding a Solution in Ilm2Amal

The impact of the Ilm2Amal initiative can be felt throughout the school and can be seen through the excitement in our students and in the wider community. Students are interacting with others and making a positive contribution to their local community, which is exactly the kind of change we had hoped for when taking on the programme.

A Long-term Partnership

Since our the Ilm2Amal initiative journey began 3 years ago, we are confident that we have placed our students in the best position possible to become well-rounded, confident, active and ethical citizens who are equipped with the knowledge, attitude and skills to serve, strengthen and continually improve their community.