Case Studies

Bringing the Ilm2Amal initiative to Life in Our School


A Recommendation for Every School, Supplementary School and Parent

The Ilm2Amal series is a dynamic and exciting new UK based curriculum, rich in style and content. I recommend it for every school, supplementary school and parent at home.

Shaykh Imtiyaz Damiel CEO Abu Hanifah Foundation

Building Bridges of Respect and Unity

Working with Knowledge to Action has given CleanupUK the opportunity to work with schools to support and develop understanding of littering and the effects of littering on local communities and the environment as a whole. 

The opportunity to lead by example to both their immediate peers and also the wider community supports the core belief that being proud of who you are and doing something positive to show you value where you live and the community as a whole, will lead to building bridges of respect and unity.

Neeta Kanagaratnam Project Coordinator Beautiful Boroughs Project, CleanupUK

A Refreshing and Highly Beneficial Initiative

I would highly recommend the Ilm2Amal curriculum to all schools wanting to bolster their classroom learning with campaigns to benefit communities. It is refreshing and highly beneficial, and has a good blend of topical issues, traditional subjects and important contemporary matters concerning young children.

Fatema Badat Director of Learning Bolton Muslim Girls’ School

Paving the Way for Other Organisations

I would like to show my gratitude and appreciation to everyone at Knowledge to Action for this wonderful initiative of theirs. The Food Drive campaign is astonishing, it is really great to see charities like Knowledge to Action paving the way for others in terms of community involvement, which is very much needed for community cohesion.

Mary Abdullah Volunteer Deptford Centre, London

A Ground-breaking Initiative Responding to the Real Needs of the Community

As an International Consultant in Education and Human Development, I have travelled throughout the world, but I have never come across this initiative in its entirety anywhere. I am not surprised that there is such a global interest in this seminal work.

The indefatigability of the Ilm2Amal initiative in its engagement with learners, parents and the community at large bears ample testimony to its commitment to responding to the real needs of the community.

Edris Khamissa International Consultant in Education IBERR

An Instrumental Part of Positive Changes

On Monday 30th June, we were visited by the Knowledge to Action team who delivered a session on homelessness. The session was both engaging and interactive which involved a range of activities including presentation as well as a question and answer session with Antonio who provided an inside account on the plight of those who are homeless. We aim to introduce the food drive as a long term initiative in our school and would like to thank the Knowledge to Action team for being instrumental in this.

Mrs Khalladi Teacher Islamia Girls School, London

The Curriculum that Lives Up to Its Name

The curriculum has been an eye opener not only for the students, but also for me as a teacher. It lives up to its name, Ilm2Amal. The students are taught to be proactive in their communities through the organised campaigns, using the knowledge that they have learnt in the classroom setting.

Arif Abdurrahmaan Citizenship Teacher London Islamic School

Bringing Learning to Life

I love how Ilm2Amal encourages us to be proactive and involved and teaches us that knowledge is of no use unless you implement it. I was amazed by how much you build your organisation around our views and ideas.

Haneen Zeglam Student Manchester Islamic Girls’ High School

Giving Pupils a Sense of Belonging in the Community

Ilm2Amal gives pupils a sense of belonging in the community and society at large and strives to motivate and inspire pupils to develop kindness to help those around them through various projects and initiatives.

At Manchester Islamic High School for Girls, through embedding the Ilm2Amal curriculum in school, pupils have had the opportunity to develop interview skills for future career prospects, feed the homeless, give cookies and roses to the neighbours, visited elderly homes and most importantly learnt the importance of being active citizens and shared values in modern Britain.

It has truly provided a richer curriculum to not only teach, but participate in community projects in a fun and rewarding way. It helped our pupils to think more creatively and critically and to be able to bring learning to life.

Mrs Mohamed Head Teacher Manchester Islamic High School for Girls

Teaching Students about their Moral Duty

In the enrichment programme, Ilm2Amal, students learn that it is their moral duty to help others and be truthful. As one student said, ‘We like to look after each other’. They understand right from wrong and are taught to obey the law of the land.

Ofsted Afifah School Inspection Report March 2015

Nurturing Current and Future Generations

I would like to commend you on the excellent work you delivered through the Ilm2Amal programme. As a parent and someone who has actively been involved in community work for over 10 years, I would strongly recommend that programmes like Ilm2Amal are run on a regular basis. Not only would our youth benefit immensely, but so would our future generations.

Shahid Khwaja Parent Masjid Nimra, Nelson

Making Teaching and Learning a Truly Enjoyable Experience

Afifah School’s students and teachers have greatly benefited from the Ilm2Amal Curriculum and Campaigns. Knowledge to Action’s unique approach to educating about values and giving students the opportunity and confidence to apply it in real life situations makes teaching and learning a truly enjoyable experience. The support provided by Knowledge to Action is second to none. Afifah School would strongly recommend other educational institutes be a part of the Knowledge to Action vision.

Mr Abdul Huy Malek Head Teacher Principal Afifah Primary and Secondary School

Ilm2Amal Has Broadened Our Vision

I cannot stress enough how much the Ilm2Amal initiative has contributed towards enhancing our institute’s approach to delivering outstanding character development education.

Not only has Ilm2Amal enhanced our curriculum but it has broadened our vision as citizens in Britain. I can see Knowledge to Action’s vision of developing a generation of responsible, upright citizens coming to life through each lesson and each campaign.

Mufti Khaled Principal Quwwatul Islam, Preston

A Fun Learning Experience for Students

Ilm2Amal is one of the best things I have done throughout our curriculum. We have learnt about how to look after our neighbours, how we should spend our money, rights and responsibilities and much more. The homework is the best. Ilm2Amal is lots and lots of fun!

Irum Polli Student Quwwatul Islam, Preston

Providing Eye Opening Experiences

The Food Drive Project really opened my eyes to the reality of people who are less fortunate than us and made me grateful for all the blessings I have. It was interesting to go into a Salvation Army centre and see what they do and it allowed them to see how we care about the same issues too. We were from different faiths but it made us feel we have something in common and this was the best feeling.

Rabia Student Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School, Blackburn

A Relevant and Practical Approach to Education

A carefully-planned, well-structured and engaging programme which utilises modern teaching and learning methods to offer young children a relevant and practical approach to understanding Islam and how to be useful citizens in society.

Abdur Rahman Parent WISE, High Wycombe