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What sort of resources do you provide?

  • A suite of resources for schools spanning from KS2-KS4
  • KS2 resources for supplementary schools and Madrassahs
  • KS2-KS4 resources for parents and home educators

What themes are covered within Knowledge to Action’s resources?

Built upon a character development framework, our resources focus on the moral, spiritual, physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional and social development of Muslim children in Britain.

Our resources cover themes such as: understanding faith in its entirety, living as a Muslim in Britain, following rules and laws, health and well-being, social responsibility, financial literacy, politics and media engagement and employment and enterprise.

Does the Knowledge to Action curriculum for schools meet with National Curriculum Requirements?

  • The Knowledge to Action curriculum has strong cross-curricular links with several National Curriculum subjects, in particular Citizenship, Personal, Social, Helath and Economic education (PSHE), English and Mathematics.
  • Synergy with Mathematics is achieved through financial literacy lessons.
  • The emphasis on community cohesion across the home, school, local and national communities provides a complementary offer to the teaching of Religious Education in schools.    

Does the Knowledge to Action curriculum for schools meet with PSHE requirements?

  • The Knowledge to Action curriculum addresses most objectives in the PSHE Association’s Programmes of Study across the three core themes: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World.
  • Most partner institutes deliver Knowledge to Action lessons as part of their teaching of PSHE and/or Citizenship, recognising that Knowledge to Action addresses subject requirements effectively from a British Muslim perspective and with the wellbeing of a Muslim child in mind.   

Does the Knowledge to Action curriculum for schools meet with the requirements of the Ofsted Inspection Framework?

The Knowledge to Action curriculum for schools robustly meets all criteria for Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) education and supports the teaching of Fundamental British Values as outlined by the UK Government.

Are the Knowledge to Action resources theologically robust?

Knowledge to Action resources are thoroughly checked and verified by established UK-based scholars able to contextualize the teaching of Islam for modern day living.