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As one of the first Madrassahs in the UK to embrace the Knowledge to Action initiative in 2013, I have nothing but sheer admiration for this noble initiative and have been highly impressed with Knowledge to Action’s contributions to our Madrassah over the years.

Bringing Knowledge to Action to Life in Our Madrassah

The Challenge We Face as Madrassahs

For many traditional Madrassahs like ours, it has always been a challenge to deliver Tarbiyyah that transforms the character (Akhlaq), social responsibility (Mu’ashurat) and financial literacy (Mu’amalat) of our young learners.

The result of this challenge is that, for too long, Madrassahs have been unable to focus on the broader yet important areas of the Deen to the degree and manner in which they deserve to be taught.

It is safe to say that Knowledge to Action (Ilm2Amal) has successfully filled this gap in a unique and effective way.

Finding a Solution in Ilm2Amal

Through my initial engagement with Knowledge to Action, I realised that it offers much more than an ‘off the shelf’ curriculum and does more than teach etiquettes and manners (Adab), which of course are important and covered well in most Madrassahs and schools.

Knowledge to Action provides a practical, fun and engaging approach to developing the character of young Muslims in Britain, shaping their identity and equipping them with relevant life skills to succeed.

Hence, it was very easy for our Madrassah to wholeheartedly embrace Knowledge to Action’s vision, resources, training and community campaigns in the pilot days.

Our Experience to Date

We have found that the Knowledge to Action Madrassah curriculum is very easy to use, is engaging for the learners, and above all, fits perfectly with the weekly Madrassah time table.

For the past four years or so, week in week out, I have been able to witness the transformation Knowledge to Action has on the learners, teachers, parents, the Madrassah in general and our community as a whole.

Looking Forward to the Future

Alhamdulillah, our pupils have undertaken an exciting journey to become well-rounded in their understanding and practise of the complete Deen, confident in their identity and interactions with people, active in their local community and ethical in their dealings and conduct. I am personally excited to see where this journey will lead.

Knowledge to Action is a Must for Every Madrassah

In conclusion, I would wholeheartedly recommend that every parent at home and every teacher at every Madrassah and school in Britain and beyond embrace the Knowledge to Action vision as their own.

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